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Exeter Public Cemetery Interment Order

The Corporation of the Municipality of South Huron Cemetery Operator License #3277923

Exeter Public Cemetery: 39650 Dashwood Rd
Municipal Office: 32 Main Street S, Exeter ON N0M 1S6
Telephone: 519-235-0310

Interments cannot be made without a Burial Permit or Cremation Certificate and the properly signed authorization. A minimum of sixteen (16) business hours notice of interment is required by the Municipality.

Cemetery hours of operation are Monday - Friday 9am-4pm and Saturday 9am-12noon. There is an additional fee for saturday interments. Further, additional charges may apply for interments that run outside of hours of operation. Please contact the cemetery staff if arrival time for interment is delayed. An extra charge may be added. Please note, there is an additional charge for any traditional (casket) burials during the winter months (December 1 - May 1).

At certain times of the year, generally daylight savings time, there may be health and safety concerns for interment operations in the dark. Municipal staff will confirm whether there are any concerns about the proposed interment time upon receipt of interment order. 

Contact Details of Individual Submitting Interment Order

Further authorization may be required prior to any interment taking place. A municipal staff member will be in touch to confirm receipt of the interment order, provide a map of the interment location, and advise of any outstanding fees and/or whether additional authorization is required prior to the interment.


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